Capital of Brittany

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You cannot but fall for the charm of Rennes, the capital of Brittany! 


City of contrasts with its old medieval streets, its peripheral cities, its science park and its universities, Rennes knows how to cultivate a certain dynamism.

From major events such as Transmusicales or important project as the realization of the subway, the city keeps in mind his deep and rich history. From the encounter between Anne of Brittany and Charles VIII that caused him to be besieged, the birth of Minitel, Rennes strives to always go forward, having seen among most other population doubling since the Second World War.

To you who will have the opportunity to go there for a holiday or just a courtesy visit, be sure to get you aerate in the gardens of Tabor before completing your evening in the very warm "Saint-Michel" more experienced under the name "Street of Thirst" ...

To see :

  • The Parlement of Brittany, from a heritage and historical point of view, it is one of Rennes and Brittany's finest tourist attractions.
  • Les Champs Libres : a major centre for culture in Rennes and its Metropolitan district.
  • Museums and monuments : Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Brittany, Ecomusée du pays de Rennes, Espace Ferrié - Transmissions museum, La Criée - contemporary art centre...
  • Parks and gardens : Thabor gardens, Oberthür garden, Tanneurs park and Saint-Martin meadows, Gayeulles park...
  • The Metropolitan district of Rennes : discover the towns and villages all around the great Capital of Brittany.